Moving To Oregon? Here’s How Stacy Schlesinger Can Help You Finance Your Very First House


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Many people want to live in Oregon. Why not? It’s a beautiful state home to beautiful forests, thriving downtown cultures and, perhaps best of all, thriving real estate that only gets more competitive by the day. This is one of many reasons new visitors will seek out Stacy Schlesinger for mortgage planning. Figuring out where you want to live and what you want to do once you settle down is much easier when you don’t have your mortgage plan hanging over your head. For the first time home buyer the list below will be your how-to guide on getting yourself situated in your new state.

How Many First Time Buyers Are There?

You’re not the only newcomer to the Beaver State. This lush, beautiful state sees many people visiting in order to reap the benefits of its clean air, affordable transportation system and rich history. Recent studies have seen 30% of people looking to buy new homes being first time home buyers, meaning the average real estate agent is going to be more than familiar with the common questions brought to their table. When you seek out Stacy Schlesinger, you’re already on the right track.

What Are Common Housing Concerns?

Not sure where you fit on the scale of people buying homes? Let’s take a look. Studies have shown over 30% of Millennials eager to buy a home within the next two years. However, another survey entirely saw nearly 60% of homeowners admitting they wished they understood the terms and details of their mortgage better. With so many people eagerly rubbing their hands at the mere idea of a nice neighborhood and cozy home, you can see the wisdom in asking for a little help.

What Prices Should I Expect?

Before you look into mortgage planning with Stacy Schlesinger, let’s talk a little about prices. March of 2016 saw the average sale price for an American home staying steady at $186,000. Whether yours is a little lower or a little higher, you need to make sure you check with a mortgage broker to ensure that your finances line up with your dreams — scrambling around for even more assistance and additional loans is a bother nobody needs while they’re trying to enjoy their new home. This is where your mortgage plan comes into play.

What Should I Look For In My Mortgage?

Let statistics guide you on the path to a smart decision. According to a Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report done this year, over 90% of buyers under the age of 36 chose to finance their homes. This same report also saw 90% of buyers using a fixed rate mortgage. Compare this to those over the age of 60, in which only 70% chose to finance. Just the prior year 15% of buyers financed 100% of their entire purchase through their mortgage. Which one is right for you? Let Stacy Schlesinger help.

Can A Broker Help Me Buy A New Home?

From jumbo loans to more conventional mortgage, there’s a broker that has answers. Too many homeowners actively regret not taking the time to sit with a professional and hash out the details, leaving them frustrated when issues crop up later or their finances take an unexpected dip. Oregon is a state that’s only seeing more and more people moving in to enjoy all the natural beauty and artistic integrity it has to offer. When you reach out to your nearby mortgage broker and get your numbers sorted, you can get yourself situated properly.

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