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Life can throw you for a surprising loop. One moment you’re trying to upgrade your career options to suit your needs, the next moment you’re looking into buying a house. If you’re concerned about whether or not luxury apartments will fit your budget and lifestyle, never fear. Your options are more varied than ever, with millions of Americans in a similar situation of transitioning between living spaces and seeking out the ever elusive and always attainable goal of a more comfortable residence. Concerns about moving shouldn’t prevent you from making the jump. Let’s take a look at some apartment hunting tips.

How Often Do People Move?

Worried about moving? You’re in good hands. The average American will move around 12 times in their lifetime, with this number fluctuating depending on family, budget and job prospects. The United States see over 42 million housing units occupied by renters — the year 2014 had at least 36% of households being occupied by renters according to census data. The difference between apartments and houses has been significantly stark over the years and data is starting to skew in favor of renting. While buying a house is still an option for many, it’s far from the only one.

Why Do People Move?

Americans look into moving and buying a house for a variety of reasons. One of the most common involves a career change, followed closely by higher education and a change in lifestyle. More than 50% of renter respondents in a survey considered renting in order to have a better choice for living within a budget as well as to reduce their stress. Over 25% of rental residents in a survey were renters by choice, preferring to live in an apartment rather than a house due tot he flexibility and lower price. Location is an important factor in a mood, particularly for those who want their kids to grow up in a safe and supportive environment.

What Are Common Living Situations?

It helps to know the most common options to better narrow down your search and get you on the right track to a successful relocation. Nearly four out of 10 apartments for rent are single-family units, with another fifth in small buildings with two to four units. Harvard’s Joint Center For Housing Studies project an upwards of four million new renters within the next decade or so, meaning apartment choices are only expected to expand rather than contract in light of the growing population’s needs. What you should look for in an apartment might not be what someone else is looking for — be aware of trends, but don’t stick to them overmuch.

What Are Popular Destinations?

Despite the wide variety to choose from, Meadow Creek has proven it has staying power among people of varying demographics. Convenient and beautiful, it boasts a good location for those looking for a balance between serenity and convenience. Even better? Many find the location perfect for raising kids. From living alone to expecting a new child, Meadow Creek is flexible enough for all. Keep your preferences in mind when looking for a new apartment and you’ll go far.

What Should I Look For In An Apartment?

Choosing the right apartment involves narrowing down the ideal location, your price range and whether or not you live alone or with a family. The general rule of thumb is that those who can spend up to 30% of their monthly income on rent but still have student loans or a part-time job should aim for the most affordable place possible. Make sure to schedule at least three or four views of your apartments of choice within your price range and to ask your landowner as many questions as possible. Paying online is becoming increasingly popular for its flexibility, with over 70% of new movers preferring it. Corporate apartments are proving to be cost-effective and highly flexible for all kinds of people — buying a house or renting an apartment is just around the corner.

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