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Best adjustable bed

Making your bed adjustable can be very beneficial for your body and health. If it takes you more than 15 to 20 minutes to fall asleep once you are in bed, it may be that much more difficult to finally fall asleep after that point. Usually the main reason for not being able to fall asleep back, head and neck pain. Using an adjustable bed can temporarily relieve much of these kinds of pains. Let’s take a look at a few of the main benefits of making your bed adjustable.

  1. It allows you to sleep in ergonomically correct positions. This means that while you sleep it allows for the natural curvature of your spine.
  2. An adjustable bed will even distribute the pressure evenly over your sleeping surface which decreases the strain on your heart that would force it to work harder to take oxygen through your body. If your bed is adjustable it promotes good circulation.
  3. Provides proper support to your neck, head, back, legs, knees, feet and ankles.
  4. Adjustable bed angles allowing for easier transfers and patient lifts if necessary.
  5. Allows for the top half of the bed to be elevated to support a sitting position like a couch or chair while still being able to stay in bed.

These are just a few of the ways an adjustable bed can be beneficial for you. On top of these reasons, these kinds of beds can actually provide temporary or at times, long term pain relief from lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, minor aches and pains, arthritis pain, breathing problems, heartburn, swollen legs and feet, osteoarthritis, joint pain and heart problems.

There are many types of adjustable beds available as well as styles and sizes such as the split adjustable queen bed. This allows for two people to sleep on the same bed together but with the flexibility of adjusting each of their own sides to conform to their specific bodies and needs. Some people like to use an adjustable memory foam bed which not only helps you to sleep ergonomically but the memory foam shapes to your body, supporting the areas that do not properly lay on the bed.

While making your bed adjustable may not be the most inexpensive thing you have done, it will be worth it to higher your quality of life. You can not put a price on that. Also, the beds have a long life span and will not need any parts replacing, even the mattress for about six to 10 years. What about you, would you ever try an adjustable bed?

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