Keep Seniors in Your Family Healthy with Caring Companionship


Today, over 65 million people, that’s 29% of the population of the United States, offer care for an aged, disabled or chronically ill friend or family member. That averages out to 20 hours of care a week provided for loved ones. Do you honestly have the extra time in your week to care for a loved one? With a heavy work load, caring for your kids and keeping up with your own home inside and out, time tends to disappear before you know it. You need to hire a caregiver to provide caring companionship to your elderly family members.

Caring Companionship Is Beneficial to All

Whether you need 24 hour care provided, fall prevention and recovery assistance, hourly care, light housekeeping, live-in care, meal planning and preparation or any other type of care, caregivers in Oxford offer the best caring companionship available. It is important for the elderly to receive care in the form of proper nutrition, exercise and hygiene in order to stay healthy. Social interaction plays a big role in caring companionship and makes life more enjoyable and meaningful.

Care and Companionship Offer a Social Advantage

Typically, adults interact with many people during the day who offer social companionship whether they are friends, co-workers or family members. Seniors do not usually have those same opportunities and their social engagement diminishes. Children move, retirement keeps them from social interaction in the workplace and spouses and friends pass away. Some seniors are also housebound which limits their interactions with people even more. Having a companion visit often and care for them can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to being able to socialize.

Companionship Is Vital in Senior Care

No matter what kind of tasks a senior companion does, having someone visit elderly family members and take care of them provides a connection that is meaningful. It simply improves the quality of the lives of your loved ones and can help them enjoy a longer lifespan. Companionship offers a social connection some seniors would not be able to enjoy otherwise and combats depression and isolation which can have a negative impact on their overall well-being and health.

Combat Heart Disease with Caring Companionship

The risk of heart disease can be lowered when seniors feel cared for and have companionship with others. Elderly who suffer from social isolation and loneliness are 29% more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease with 32% likely to suffer from a stroke than seniors who are socially engaged. A caregiver can make all of the difference in the lives of your elderly loved ones.

Is Dementia a Concern?

Cognitive function excels when people are social interactive. All it takes is 10 minutes of talking to another to improve memory. Companionship is a form of protection against dementia. Seniors who are able to maintain relationships have less of a risk of suffering from dementia showing that companion aides are an integral part of keeping the elderly healthy.

Companionship Aids in Recovery

When elderly patients have had surgery, they tend to recover much faster from pain when they have a companion. They also suffer from less pain related to nerves and inflammation levels lower much quicker which all aids in the recovery process. When you cannot be there to care for an elderly family member when they need it the most, a caring companion is available to provide peace of mind.

End Worrying and Hire a Senior Caregiver

A senior caregiver can assist elderly family when it comes to living at home for as long as possible. They get to keep an element of their independence while still receiving quality care. Social interaction will keep them sharp while caregivers provide daily activities that keep them active longer too. The overall goal is to help senior family members to live a full and happy life through developing meaningful relationships with caring companions that have a positive effect on their lives.

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