If You Are Renovating Your Church, You May Need New Church Pews


Picture of a church steeple

Are you looking to renovate your church’s sanctuary in order to accommodate more congregants? Perhaps you are building a new sanctuary at a new location, and as such you may want to consider antique church pews for sale, depending on the style of your church and the kind of denomination to which your church belongs.

Interestingly, historically speaking, it wasn’t until the Protestant Reformation occurred, pews were not a typical fixture in churches. In fact, for more than ten centuries, churchgoers could walk around at will during services without being invited to sit down in pews. It wasn’t until the sermon became a more prominent fixture in Protestant churches that pews were used more widely.

Another critical part of church building construction is the selection of the proper church steeple design. Of course, the steeple has to be architecturally sound, but it should also reflect the spiritual focus of the church community that meets under it. You may want to carefully consider visual examples, i.e. a picture of a church steeple, in order to get a more clear sense of what will be the best choice for your church community.

If you have questions, comments, or recommendations on how to choose the right church pews or what to look for in a picture of a church steeple, be sure to share your thoughts in the forum below. See this link for more references: www.kivetts.com

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