I Want My Child To Have A Chance At Going To College Should I Enroll Them In A Private School?


Parents are always worried about their children’s future.

Not only do they have to consider grades and attendance, they also have to take into account the possibility of a healthy college experience. That doesn’t even touch on the labyrinth of navigating the job field and buying a home. When you want to set up your child for success, even with so many factors to take into account, you look into a private school. More attentive than public school models, and with heightened security, the best prep schools will ensure the entire family is ready for what the future holds.

Learn more about the advantages of attending private schools below.

Classroom Sizes Are Smaller And More Focused

One of the biggest reasons parents are looking toward the private school is to provide their children with more one-on-one attention. Too many public schools are understaffed, forcing a single teacher to divide their attention easily between dozens of children. A recent study found 20% of public school teachers admitting student apathy to be a major problem in their school. Compare and contrast this with private school teachers, in which just 5% felt the same way. Small class sizes offer a more intimate and personalized school environment, allowing your child’s unique needs to be brought to the surface.

Private School Graduates Are More Likely To Attend College

The advantages of private schools also include long-term benefits, such as increasing your child’s chances of attending a good college. A recent study found a staggering 95% of non-parochial private high school graduates go on to a four-year postsecondary institution. The national average private school SAT score also sits at 1235, which is higher than the national average across all schools. Another study also found three-to-five year-olds attending private preschool programs showing a higher inclination toward higher learning later in life.

Benefits Of Prep Schools Include Earlier Focus

Another interesting side of the private school is its ability to encourage more focus earlier on. An art high school can help your child’s inner artist flourish, while the best prep schools can help your entire family get a better picture of the future. The private school isn’t just for high school students, either. Nearly three million students were enrolled in private elementary schools in the United States back in 2016. Just the year prior nearly 90% of five year-olds were enrolled in preprimary programs.

Private Schools Are Generally Safer

Last, but not least, the private school will provide your child a safer environment to grow and learn. Recent studies have gone at length to ask parents about their thoughts concerning today’s schools, as well as teachers and their first-hand experience. One found 25% of public school teachers reported the lack of parental involvement is a major problem in their school, compared to just 3% of private school teachers. The best private education isn’t just grades. It’s also where your children can learn more about themselves.

Choosing The Best Private Schools For Your Children

Private schools are soon becoming the preferred option for thousands of parents today. Their combination of small classroom sizes, safe environments, and more focused educational techniques result in children that are pushed well ahead of the curve. Counselors at private school, thanks to a recent study, have been found to spend nearly 60% of their time on college-related counseling. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your child is receiving the attention they need to be set up for success.

Consider enrolling your children in a private school next year. Their future will have you to thank for it.

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