How to Prepare Your Fireplace for Tile Enclosure Services


Are you planning to renovate your fireplace? Wait just one minute! Watch the YouTube video “How to Prep a Fireplace for new tile.” If you’re a DIYer, then you’ll love the tips and advice from this video! There’s nothing more cozy than a warm fire, marshmallows in hot chocolate, and family time in the heart of winter! Now’s the time to get that fireplace back into shape!

How Long Does it Take to Tile a Fireplace?

Many homeowners opt to hire tile enclosure services. However, this can be a DIY job.

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It may be a bit more complex than other DIY jobs around the house, but it can be done. With the right tools, it can be done by one person. If you’re planning to retile your fireplace, plan to spend at least the morning or afternoon doing it. Remember, the fireplace needs to be prepped before any work can begin. Prepping alone might take up to three hours, depending on the size of the fireplace. Tiling can take up to six hours to complete.

If you don’t know which tile will work, the answer is Ceramic tiles. These tiles are the best. They’ve been used in fireplaces and hearths for hundreds of years. Finally, if you’re looking for a tile color that brightens up your living area, go for lighter colors like white, beige, or cream.


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