How to Avoid Roofing and Siding Nightmares


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Hiring a contractor to do roofing or siding installation on your building can be a big to-do, and can pose more problems than internal remodeling may. Here are some questions you may want to ask your contractor before the remodeling services begin:

How long will the project take?

A contractor should be able to estimate the timeline they need to complete the project.They should be able to give you a start and tentative end date. As long as the weather is cooperative and there are no surprises regarding the building’s construction. Do not be afraid to ask the contractor is they are doing any other siding installations or renovations during the same timeframe. If this is the case and they have a lot going on, they are less likely to be attentive to your project. You also don’t want to bring a huge eyesore to the neighborhood with all of the construction equipment.

Have you done similar projects before?

Experience counts in installations and renovations. Someone who has more experience is able to recognize issues as they arise, and think of ways to solve them quickly. The contractor should know the building codes and what sort f features are necessary. They will also know how to source quality building materials and will ask if you have any specifications for the project.

What is the procedure for obtaining permits?

A contractor should not tell you that it is your responsibility to obtain the building permits. As an experienced professional, they should know exactly who and what to ask about obtaining permits. Some cities require the permit to be in the builder’s name. If the permit is in your name, you are technically responsible for the project, not the contractor. This could cause delays in the renovation timeline.

Who will manage the job?

Are you going to be working with the owner or a foreman or a company supervisor? You should have a specific point of contact — one individual — to avoid complications or miscommunication.

Do you carry insurance?

If a worker is hurt on the job but does not have insurance, you are liable for their injuries. A reputable contractor will always carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance in case of an accident, but you should ask for proof before you agree to the job.

If you ask all of these questions prior to hiring a contractor, you should avoid any unplanned roofing or siding installation nightmares!

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