How Mother Nature Can Make Any Baby Shower a Winner


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When most people think of the classic baby shower they probably conjure up ideas of women siting in a circle exchanging gifts and playing cute and cheesy games. However there is a new trend of expecting mothers looking for more nontraditional baby shower venues. Many mommies are finding that baby shower event locations don’t have to follow the rules of the past generations, in fact the best baby shower event locations offer something more than just food seating and light refreshments. If you are looking for an event venue for a baby shower there are a couple of things to keep in mind that might take your party from dull to memorable.

Think Outside of the Box, Literally

When Looking at baby shower event locations, don’t limit your thinking to the indoors. Especially if you are working on a tight budget, cheap baby shower locations abound. For example, a local park band shelter can be a lovely place for a baby shower. If your baby shower is going to be held during the warmer months, the beach is also a great location to hold your event, what is more relaxing than the warm sun and the cool waves? The outdoors offer several advantages over the traditional indoor baby shower. For one the outdoors offer its own built in entertainment, the oldest entertainment of all, nature. Next there is an opportunity to have an outdoor picnic or BBQ, this can save on catering costs. Lastly the outdoor venue allows for easier cleanup after the event.

When it Comes to Nature Expect the Unexpected and Plan Accordingly

Of course the outdoors locations for a baby shower offers a few unexpected variables
as well. While they say it is good luck for it to rain during a wedding, the same might not be necessarily true for a baby shower. Seeing how nature is unexpected it’s important to have a plan B and C just in case mother nature decides to throw a fit. Many park locations have indoor areas that are used for events as well. As a precaution it might be worth it to reserve one of these spaces just in case the outdoors are too inhospitable. As a last resort you can have an alternate party location at house venue.

How to Plan For Uninvited Guests

The outdoors can also be unpredictable in the sense of who might decide to crash your party. It might sound like a cliche, but there are many people out there who are looking for a free meal and flirt, the baby shower can be a prime target for interlopers. The key to controlling who is able to come to your party is good scouting. When searching for a outdoor party venues, make sure to pay attention to the possible foot traffic and noise level of the area. Ideally you would want to check the location on the same day and time of your party two weeks in a row to get a good sample size. If your preferred area seems to get a good bit of foot traffic during your proposed party times there is a high probability of interruptions either due to interlopers or noise. Some parks and beaches give the option of cordoning of the area immediately around your party. This can help to deter any wandering onlookers.

Other Exciting Baby Shower Ideas from Extreme Moms-to-be

Apart from the outdoors, expectant mothers are also choosing some pretty adventurous events in lieu of the baby shower. For example there has been a trend of expectant mothers doing physical outings. Instead of having the same old sit and chat how about having a laser tag adventure? Instead of the standard unwrapping party, how about a night of going to the casino? Some of the more extreme moms-to-be have even gone rock climbing in lieu of a traditional baby shower. There are so many different ideas that could really perk up the old traditions. All it takes is a little bit of planning and imagination when it comes to looking for baby shower event locations.

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