How Arizona Tax Credits Work


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Catholic Education Arizona has awarded over $230 million in tuition scholarships to 125,000 students during the past 22 years. Legislation has allowed them to help students who need financial assistance for school. This video gives a general overview of the tax credits.

You can support children and their education through Catholic Education Arizona. The first step is to determine your tax liability to Arizona. This can be found on line 49 of your tax return from the previous year.

You can use the maximum tax credit allowed if the amount is not higher than your tax liability. You can make the contribution through the mail, by phone, or go to the website online. Single filers can contribute $1135 and joint filers can contribute $2269.

You can use the general scholarship fund to help those in the most need. You can also choose to send the tax credit to a specific school. Whichever you choose, you will be helping the next generation of leaders in the country.

Tax credits allow you to choose where your tax dollars are being spent and provide financial support to those in need. For more information on tax credits, check out the video in the link above.

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