Have Fun Decorating Your Home with These 5 Tips


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When it comes to decorating a house, there are no hard and rules. Even the most experienced interior designer will admit that a lot of the decisions they make or that they help homeowners make are individualized to the person’s taste, style and the home in question. There are some general suggestions they give to make decorating easier. These tips for furnishing a home are just general guidelines many follow.

5 Tips for Furnishing a Home:

  1. Do not go overboard with a theme. If you want your room (or home) to have a feel of being on the coast, you can use sea grass, neutral sandy colors, sea blues and driftwood textures. The way you do it and how much of each element that you use can bring you from tasteful ocean scene to overdone beach cheesiness really quickly if you are not careful. The Cape Cod look is a good example of how a theme can be overdone. If you want to go with one of these themes for your home, just try to personalize the idea and try to be understated in your execution. If you are going for a beach or shore feel, use sheer curtains in the bedroom, though, they will create a breezy feel.
  2. Do not decide on your paint color until you move in. Have you been in a paint store recently? There are nearly endless ways all the colors can be mixed up and prepared. Each one changes the way the paint looks a little. Like perfumes, paint colors look different in almost every space they are used. This is because of differences in the way the light works in a room. You may be in love with the color of your living room walls now but that color may not work as well in your new home. In terms of tips for furnishing a home, this is a hard one to adhere to but is worth it. Wait until you live in a house to decide what colors to paint the walls. Resist the temptation to get that done before you move in.
  3. Do not overcrowd your rooms. First of all, you should always measure a room before you buy furniture for it to make sure the items you buy will fit at all. When you are in the different furniture stores, it can be hard to imagine how a piece will fit in your space. Keep enough space in each room to be able to maneuver around the pieces. When you are out furniture shopping remember the adage, “Less is more.” Try to focus on the quality of the items you select rather than just getting a lot of stuff. This is one of the best tips for furnishing a home around.
  4. Be careful about how you hang your artwork. You should make sure the center of each piece (this is also called the midline) hangs somewhere between 57 and 60 inches up from the floor. Consider that the average height of the human eye is 57 inches. If your ceilings are higher than normal, you can raise your artwork up a bit but not much. You are still looking to appeal to people. One way to make sure you are doing this right is to take a photo of the room you are decorating. This can show you if you are hanging things at the best height.
  5. Go big or go home. Your space should reflect your personality. Do not be afraid to make a real statement with your decorating. Nothing you do when decorating a home is set in stone. Try new things out. If they do not work the way you want them to, you can always change them but you will never know if your ideas work or not if you do not try them. Bring in unexpected elements. Have fun with it.

When you start decorating your new home you may be overwhelmed with all of the choices you have. Maybe you have a small home furnishing budget and are concerned about stretching that. You should not worry. It does not take a lot of money to make a house feel like a home.


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