Give the Ultimate Gift of Warmth Donating Clothes to the Homeless


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This winter, consider donating something every man, woman, and child in the world needs: clothing.

Thousands of people in this country struggle everyday with finding adequate clothing. The poor, the sick, the elderly, the ill, and the homeless all struggle to survive even with clothing. Imagine what it must be like for them to lack clothing, which, along with food, is the most basic of human needs.

Donating clothes to charity is one of the most genuinely-compassionate things a person can do. Clothing donations may not appear to be all that important or pressing but for thousands of people on the streets barely etching out an existence, they can make a world of difference in their everyday lives. Although the thought of having “the rich” take care of charitable donations, consider this:

  1. Over 90% of all textile and fabric waste is easily recyclable and can be used to provide clothing for the less fortunate.
  2. In 2013, only 5% of all charitable donations were made by corporate donors who have the most means for charitable giving.
  3. That same year, the education field donated 16% of total donations, and individuals donated an astounding 72%!

Needless to say, depending on charity to be handled by those with the most means is dubious at best. The public at large needs to step up, just like it has been stepping up as evident in 2013. Please look in your closets and drawers for discarded or lightly used clothing. Find charities to support in your local area. There are a variety of charitable and non-profit organizations to choose from, some of which will actually pick up donations from your house!

Clothing is a fundamental right no person in this world should be without. This year, continue the great American tradition of individual donations and leave no man, woman, or child behind in the cold. Donating clothes can change the lives of thousands. More info like this.

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