Four Ways to Improve the Comfort of your Home this Holiday Season


Waterproof fitted sheet single bed

Many families open up their homes for the holidays to family members and visiting friends. While it is nice to spend some extra time with family during the holidays, this often takes some preparation to ensure that you have enough room. You also want to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible. If you plan to entertain during the upcoming holidays, consider these tips that are sure to make everyone feel at home.

If possible, arrange private accommodations
If you have an extra bedroom or can bribe a child to bunk with another child, your family will appreciate the privacy of having their own bedroom. Although they are also likely to appreciate the couch in the living room, this can mess up their sleep schedule. It can also make it difficult if they are traveling with a new baby or a child of their own. Most Americans (about 82%) find one extra hour of sleep at night somewhat or extremely valuable. Give them the gift of a good night of sleep with a private and quiet room.

Pair children in rooms with your own
Children often enjoy having sleepovers, especially when it is a family member or close friend of the family. Your adult guests will appreciate the sleeping arrangements. If they were to book a hotel, they would be forced to share a room together. If you are rooming small children, however, don?t forget crib sheets and waterproof sheets. Approximately 15% of children still wet the bed at age 5. Make sure you are prepared for any accidents with waterproof sheets.

Utilize a mattress protector in every guestroom
Both waterproof sheets and mattress protectors help to prevent accidents and ensure that your mattresses last longer. Even adult waterproof bed sheets are a good idea. Adults might not wet the bed as often, but they can spill liquid items that could stain the mattress. Because mattresses tend to be very expensive, it is best to protect them against this type of damage. Waterproof sheets can also be effective in preventing liquid spills from soaking through to the mattress level.

Baby comfort needs
Traveling anywhere with a baby can be overwhelming. Parents often have their nursery set up, exactly as they desire. When you travel, you have to find new ways to do things. Perhaps the most important addition to consider when opening your home up to a baby is a comfortable crib. You can make a crib comfortable with the bedding that you choose. You can also opt for hypoallergenic baby crib sheets, to prevent any allergies or sensitivities to the new smells.

A crib fitted sheet can also protect the mattress from any accidents. Finally, be sure to offer baby bathing items as well. Babies need two to three baths a week in warm, not hot, water to stay clean. The first step to a great baby bath is to find the perfect temperature and then fill the bathtub with no more than two to three inches of water. Also having an easy to access baby bathing area can be helpful. Some parents prefer bathing their baby in the sink, while others prefer the bathtub.

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Before we know it, we will be making holiday plans with family members and friends. If you are hosting this year, you will likely be opening up your home to out of town visitors. If this is the case, consider the sleeping arrangements and attempt to make your guests as comfortable as possible. If your guests are traveling with a baby, try and remember all of the comfort items that a baby will need too. Your guests will appreciate the hospitality.

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