Five Tips for Selling Your Home During the Winter Months


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The spring and summer months tend to be the busiest season for selling houses. Most homeowners complete any necessary renovations over the winter months and then list their home early spring. This time of year also brings an increase in home buyers. However, some home sellers do not have the opportunity to wait until spring to list their home. The colder winter months can be more difficult to sell, but that doesn?t mean you can?t attract a sale. These tips will help you market and sell your home, even in the middle of the winter months.

Get your house listed as soon as possible

You are likely to get fewer viewers during the cold, winter months, so it is best to list it as soon as possible. If you are on a strict timeline, listing it earlier in the winter will give you more time to prepare. You can always make renovations and repairs during the sale and simply inform potential buyers that they will be completed before they move in. Get in touch with a realtor as soon as possible to get the listing process started.

Reduce the price enough to attract attention

Selling in the winter causes two things to happen. First of all, you are likely to get fewer viewers, which means you are also unlikely to get as many offers. However, there are also fewer homeowners listing their house during this time. This means that buyers that want to or need to buy in the winter have less of an inventory to view. It could result in more serious of buyer offers. Listing your house just below its value can attract the buyer attention that you need and get your home sold in less time. The exact selling price will depend on your home size, condition, and on local homes for sale. However, in March of 2016, the average home sale price for a home in the U.S. was $186,000.

Highlight the beauty of the winter months

Buyers have already accepted the fact that they are going to buy in a location with cold winters if they are looking at your house. Now you just have to give a reason why your house is a better winter option. Do you have a heated garage? Does the attached garage make it easier to enter the house in a snowstorm? Does your condos association include snow removal services? Because you cannot highlight the enjoyment of warm weather right now, you can highlight the beauty and ease of the winter weather.

Advertise amenities that are not affected by the weather

You might not want to advertise a pool during the summer months. You also might not want to highlight the backyards beauty when it is covered in snow. However, you can advertise amenities that are not affected by the winter. If your homes in a good school district, for example, this is a good thing to advertise. The value of a home can be affected as much as 20% based on the quality of the local school district. You can also advertise location based on proximity to freeways, shopping areas, and even entertainment places.

Decorate for the holidays

It might seem pointless to decorate for the holidays when you are hoping to move soon. However, curb appeal can sell homes. It can be difficult to increase your homes curb appeal when there are four inches of snow on the ground. You can decorate both the interior and exterior for the holidays. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in the houses for sale they view. Decorating for the holidays increases the overall comfort and gets people excited about having their own home for the holidays.

Approximately 52% of home buyers cited finding the right property as the most difficult part of buying a home. In an extremely exclusive real estate market, it can be even more difficult to sell during the winter months. Fortunately, there are things you can do to better market and appeal to buyers even during the slow winter months of real estate.

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