Did You Know 15% Of Americans Find Their Home Decor Depressing?


Nautical home decor

Why does the ocean have such a powerful impact on us? You might have asked this yourself while pondering how to touch up your bedroom or add some spice to your kitchen. The ocean is one of the planet’s most beautiful qualities, as well as the most mysterious, and has spawned literally countless plays, poems and paintings. It can be romantic and inviting. It can be tempestuous and atmospheric. Whatever the ocean means to you, it can help to bring a little slice of it home. This is where decorative ship wheels, nautical clocks and life preserver decor comes into play. Whether you’re new to interior design or are an expert looking for some different inspiration, the list below is for you!

The Pull Of The Ocean

The ocean is all around us. As such, it influences us in ways we likely take for granted. The year 2010 saw over 124 million people (that’s around 40% of the nation’s population) living along coastal shores. Americans love the ocean for its ability to bring people together and provide endless hours of fun or relaxation. In fact, some of the most popular sports and recreational hobbies in the United States revolve around the beach! Swimming, fishing, surfing, you name it. The ocean’s got it. How does this translate to our emotional and mental well-being when we’re at home, though?

The Psychology Of Interior Design

Maybe you don’t live by the ocean. Maybe you do, but the work week regularly keeps you away from its cool waters and refreshing breeze. How can your surroundings better support you until you can get the chance to lounge on the sands and soak in the sun’s rays? Studies have shown nearly half of all Americans haven’t updated their home decor in over five years. Additional surveys have seen 20% of Americans feeling actively happy with their decor. That’s quite a chunk that feels it could be better! When drab surroundings can encourage higher rates of depression, it’s time to make a change.

The Best Place To Start

There’s no need to get overly ambitious. Every great journey starts with a single step, after all, and nowhere is that more clear than when it comes to whether or not you want to buy nautical clocks or just change your wallpaper. The year 2012 saw the home furnishings industry in the United States generating an impressive $80 billion in both furniture and lighting, meaning you’ll be at no shortage of options. Do you often spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking? How about sitting in your room browsing the Internet? This will help manage your decorating time better than if you’d tried an entire overhaul from the get-go.

The Most Popular Nautical Ideas

Need some cool ideas? Let’s take a look. Nautical clocks are both charming and quite functional, perfect for those that want a bit of everything when they go out shopping. These can also come as nautical desk clocks. Additional nautical home decorations can include a wooden ship wheel for your bathroom or pirate decor for your hallway. For those that want their home to have more of an ocean feel, put an emphasis on soft, breezy curtains and look for colors ranging from blue to green. All in all, touching up your home is a project you should really consider investing in.

Why You Should Consider Giving Your Home A Touch-Up

Nearly 15% of Americans feel actively gloomy by their surroundings. Why not change this? Your mental and emotional health is affected by everything you interact with, from the food you eat to the sounds you hear. When you come home after a long day you should feel at ease with your surroundings. Studies have shown just over one-third of people spend anywhere from five to eight waking hours at home — that’s a lot of time spent not feeling good about your furniture! Consider giving nautical clocks or pirate decor a try and bring some of the ocean’s pull back inside with you.

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