Cluttered Spaces Are Bad For Our Health Five Benefits You Can Enjoy When You Organize Your Home


Having trouble staying organized? Join the club!

Cluttered households are about as mundane as a glass of water. Everyone’s pretty familiar with them, to say the least, and this frustrating disorder costs us literal days over the course of our lifetimes we can’t get back. Instead of giving in to the frazzled mindset, however, consider picking up a new hobby this year. Organization and crafting are two fun skills that can improve your emotional health, save you some stress and help you create a more beautiful home. This is even easier to do when you gather up useful resources like the stackable cube organizer or corner bookcase.

Yes, even cleaning can be fun. Check out the nicely organized list below and catch up on all the benefits you can get by sprucing up your apartment.

Crafting And Organizing Is Crazy Popular

You’ve got plenty of opportunities not just to build a new set of skills, but find some like-minded people. Thanks to Instagram, Etsy and social media at large, organization and crafting is a thriving sub-culture filled with creative individuals looking at everyday life in a new way. Etsy recently surveyed over 5,000 of its American sellers, finding over 95% of them worked from home and nearly 75% consider their shops to be businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you want to turn your new interest into a hobby or a side gig. Everyone stands to win!

Your Emotional And Mental Health Will Take A Boost

How can a stackable cube organizer or magazine holder organizer improve your mental and emotional wellness? You’ll certainly spend less time fussing over where you put your things, that’s for sure. Crafting has been found to release steady amounts of dopamine (also known as the feel-good chemical). A recent study published in The British Journal Of Occupational Therapy found over 80% of respondents with depression reporting they feel much happier after knitting. There are over 20 million quilters in the United States, with many dabbling in side-projects like storage, painting and building.

Don’t Forget About Your Physical Wellness, Either!

Your emotional, mental and physical health is all intertwined. When you’re feeling relaxed and comfortable, it stands to reason your body will follow suit. If you’ve been wondering how you could sleep better at night or improve your sore neck muscles, consider applying some of your newfound organization knowledge to your bedroom or living room. The average American home has over 300,000 things in it. Clutter has been closely linked to higher rates of anxiety, lower rates of concentration and reduced self-worth. Imagine how much better you’ll feel when you invest in some home storage products.

You’ll Save On Lost Time And Stress In One Fell Swoop

Here’s something you won’t miss…scrambling around for your keys in the morning before rushing out to your car. The Daily Mail calculated that, over the course of an average lifetime, people will spend over 3,600 hours searching for misplaced items. That’s 150 days just trying to figure out where you put your thermos or making sure you didn’t lose your wallet! Additional research has found we lose up to nine items per day. A stackable cube organizer can sit snug on your kitchen counter or the corner of your living room, filled with all those little things you take for granted.

Embrace Your Inner Artist And Give Your Home More Charm

When you boil it all down…organization is a way of life we can fall out of touch with in the stress of the workweek. Home storage furniture ideas are all just practical ways of applying your inner artist and bringing out the true potential of your home. In fact, ask yourself how a stackable cube organizer or file bench can compliment your personality. Are you someone that has an overstuffed closet thanks to a love of fashion? Perhaps you’re a busy mother trying to keep three children in check while working a part-time job and attending to daily errands.

Organizing and designing is a wonderful way to bring out your best by bringing out your home’s best. It’s time to get crafty in 2018!

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