Charity Trip to Malawi for Education


Education shapes the future hence the need to go to school. Not everyone is privileged to attend school due to various issues. Some people can barely afford food to leave alone money to pay school fees. It is inspirational to see young children motivated to go to school despite the poor state of schools.

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In the video ‘Inside Rihanna’s Trip to Malawi for education,’ we see some of the children dedicated to going to school despite the difficult situations. The children show how willing they are to learn. There are some hindering factors to education, however:

Some of these challenges that children face includes:

  • Insufficient funds to cater for school fees: poverty has been on the rise in different regions. With this, parents are unable to take the children to school. Unemployment has been a contributing factor as even those parents with jobs earn too little even to afford the needful meals in a day.

  • Lack of enough teachers: imagine a class of one hundred people being controlled by one teacher: this is one scenario where children fail to have quality education. Children need to be given attention in class. Having a more significant student to teacher ratio significantly affect its learning as it is a massive burden to the teacher to handle a hundred students.
  • Lack of provision of equipment: the learning process requires facilitation. There is a need to have the right furniture, for instance, chairs and desks enough for the learners.

    Most poor countries have learners learning in low learning states. Schools need to be provided with enough chalks, books, and other necessary equipment to facilitate proper learning.

  • Poor infrastructure: this ranges from the accessibility of schools, the transport means entails poor roads hence the difficulty in going to school. The schools, too, fail to meet the right number of classes to accommodate a reasonable number of learners. Some learners sit on the floor as they listen to the teachers: there is hardly space between one learner and the other due to high numbers.
  • Early marriages: Africa is a leading continent in terms of marrying girls at a young age affecting their education. This significantly affects the transition rate from primary school to secondary school. For instance, Malawi has seventy-two percent of pupils in primary school, with only eight percent proceeding to secondary school.

People should focus on improving education systems in most poor countries. Despite the challenges above, most private schools are in a better learning system. So, what is the difference between public and private schools? As the name states, public schools are funded and administered by the local, state, or national government, while the learners’ tuition fees support private schools and partly by a private body.


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