Are You Ready to Read to Your Child?


A basket of books.

It can really be that simple.

Whether you are a parent who has to rely on the local public school or you are a parent who can afford a top rated private school, it is always important to realize the role that reading plays in the education of any child. From the day they are born until they leave for college, a parent can help create a learner who is ready to soak up all of the educational opportunities that are available by having a home where reading is a priority. Study after study show that an early exposure to books and a love of reading can help grow a child who will be ready to learn.

Educational Opportunities Can Help Create the Best Students

Parents are a child’s first teachers, and if they want to make the biggest impact they simply need to make sure that they are starting with the best foundation: reading to a child. In addition, imitation plays an important role in the lives of young children and if children see their parents as readers the kids are more likely to be readers themselves. The best schools can offer the most qualified teachers and have the most challenging curriculums, but if parents are not supporting these educational efforts the work of the school will not have the greatest impact.

Only 25% of all U.S. schools are private schools, but all students can benefit from a home where a child is surrounded by books. The top rated private schools can offer many advantages, but the students who succeed the most will likely be from homes where the parents support the learning that goes on in classrooms and the parents who offer continued opportunities for reading.

Unfortunately, 21% of public school teachers report that student apathy is a problem in their school. And while only 4% of private school teachers report this as a problem as well, every child who does not come from an environment that fosters a love of reading and of learning will fall short of their potential.

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