Accent Your Home With Beautiful Plantation Shutters


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The right amount of sunlight in your home can brighten up any room and give your house a lively feel. As the sun hits your furniture, your floors and your walls, it can also deliver a significant amount of heat that can be helpful in keeping your heating costs down. With quality window blinds or shutters, you can achieve the optimum level of sunlight for your home. Many people look into how to install plantation shutters for this reason.

Plantation shutters, introduced to Americans by the Spaniards, are different than traditional blinds and shutters in that they have larger, wider louvers. Their louvers allow the shutters to open and close easily, and also rotate. These shutters were most often used in large Southern homes, giving them their name. As homeowners shift toward letting more light into their home, plantation shutters have gained in popularity.

When considering how to install plantation shutters for your own home, it is important to consider the size of the louver you want, as well as if you want to have two shutters on the same window. Some shutters come with a narrow divider rail so that you can set the top and bottom shutters at different opening points, which can be helpful if you want both sunlight and privacy at the same time. This is considered a “double hung” shutter.

In addition to the benefits of these practical shutters, reports that these shutters can add value to your home. Many people install plantation shutters to enhance the aesthetics of their house. These shutters are typically made of wood, and are often installed with a white or natural wood finish, which offers a polished, sophisticated look to any room.

While you might have to spend more money to install these shutters than typical blinds, they cost less than custom drapes and other stylized window treatments. They also give your home an air of elegance, and look great from the exterior as well. Since these shutters can be cut and fit to virtually any sized window, why not treat your home to a touch of elegance? canada goose damen canada goose damen canada goose damen

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