A Look at The Benefits of Private Education In the United States


For thousands of parents living in the United States, the benefits of private school education have convinced them to send their child (or children, if they have more than one) to a prep school or private school somewhere in the country. And the benefits of private school education are many, and have contributed to the rise of private schools providing a price education all throughout the United States, from private preschool to private elementary school to a private high school such as a performing arts school. In fact, private schools of various types and enrollments now make up around twenty five percent of all schools in the United States with more than two and a half children enrolled in a private elementary school in the year of 2016.

And there is a good reason for this rise in the use and utilization of private schools, as the benefits of private school education often outweigh the benefits of a public school education. For one, the engagement of students, parents, and teachers alike is often far better in any given private school than in a public one. For one, the private school teachers are often better paid and less burnt out, as they typically with have access to more important resources and tools for learning, such as personal tablets and even just enough books and school supplies. Unfortunately, this is something that many public schools lack, particularly those situated in the inner city that do not receive nearly as much funding as is necessary to keep the school in good standing and provide the students with the education that they so very much need. Part of this also relies on the fact that private schools often provide a better sense of a school community, fostering relationship building for everyone involved. And this has a considerable pay off, with less than five percent of private school teachers feeling that the lack of parental involvement is a problem. On the contrary, as twenty four percent of public school teachers have found it difficult to deal with a lack of parental involvement. And a lack of student involvement and overall student apathy can also present itself as a problem in many of the public schools in the country, with more than twenty percent of all public school teachers reporting a considerable degree of student apathy. In a private school, however, this is likely to be much less common, and only around four percent of all private school teachers currently employed in the country actually feel that they struggle with apathy on behalf of the students. And this is just one of the many benefits of private school education.

Another one of the benefits of private school education is that students are often more prepared for life after leaving the school, particularly in the case of private high school students. These students are often given far more time and information to adequately apply to and prepare for their dream college, with private school counselors spending as much as fifty five percent of counseling time focusing on issues related to college acceptance and the like, one of the considerable benefits of private school education. Public schools, however, often do not have the resources to devote to such counseling, and public school counselors spend, on average, only about twenty percent of their time talking to their assigned students about college and providing college counseling.

As part of this college preparedness initiative through college counseling, private schools tend to have considerably higher standardized test scores as well, another one of the many benefits of private school education. When it comes down to SAT scores, the typical college entrance exam, private schools throughout the country had an average score of 1235. For public schools, the average SAT score was much lower at only 1060, marking clearly how private schools prepare their students for success in a way that public schools hope to but often cannot to the extent that is necessary for the vast majority of students.

The benefits of private school education are many, and private schools are rising in popularity with each year.

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