A Guide to Selling Your Home


Did you know that it could take up to six months or longer for the house you intend to sell to find a buyer? Like most sellers, you might envision a simple sale that involves listing your home, finding a qualified buyer immediately, collecting the money, and handing over the keys.

If only home sales were that easy! In reality, selling a house is not always straightforward, even if you believe you have followed all the appropriate procedures. You might sometimes have to drop your asking price below what your house is worth to find a buyer, especially if you are a novice seller. Selling a house involves many variables- some within your control, while others are beyond your capability.

Your likelihood of finding buyers more quickly will be strongly influenced by your home’s geographical location, appraisal value, and market situation. So, has it taken excess time to list your home? Then it’s time to look at the house more closely and determine why it could not sell. Below are tried and tested strategies to ensure your home finds a buyer quickly. Let’s jump right in.

Deep-Clean the House Before it Enters the Market

It may be more complicated than it seems to convince prospective purchasers to pay the asking price of your home. However, you can make the house more appealing to potential buyers by considering extensive cleaning as one of the effective and practical methods to create a pristine and conducive environment.

Consider thoroughly cleaning your entire house as a significant primary step and a guide to selling your home quickly. You can partake in deep cleaning or hire professional cleaners to provide the perfect cleaning services.

Deep cleaning involves all the chores you typically skip during your routine cleaning regimen. Consider wiping the window sills, cleaning all the kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and vacuuming carpets. Clean places like light fixtures, chimneys, drain pipes, and ceiling fans. Drain pipe cleaning will help you avoid problems that could turn off potential buyers, like blocked drainage or foul smells from the sink. Hire a professional chimney cleaner to enhance your house’s overall warmth and make it cozier.

Install a New Roof or Consider Roof Replacement

Although installing new roofing may be expensive, it can enhance your house’s curb appeal, making it simpler to sell your home. One of the first things a prospective buyer will look at when viewing your property is how well you maintain your roof. Home buyers are particularly concerned about the roof’s condition. If yours is sagging, cracked, leaking, or missing shingles, it will deter a sizable portion of your buyer base.

Expert’s guide to selling your home faster recommends considering roofing replacement if your roof is in good shape and only needs minor repairs. During roofing replacement, you may not need to declutter the entire roof. You will only repair the critical areas of the roof. Depending on the state of your existing roofing and the caliber of the materials used, you can anticipate a return on investment of roughly 60–68% for new roofing. On average, a new roof will add $12,000to the value of your property during resale.

Roofing is superior to many remodeling initiatives or home extensions. Remember to consult with your realtors, who can advise whether to install a new roof or consider replacing the existing roof before listing.

Improve your Lawn

Next in our guide to selling your home quickly through lawn enhancement. When buyers pull up, they first notice your curb appeal. If feasible, you want your landscape to be orderly, spotless, and colorful. This can help set the mood for the house when potential buyers enter the compound.

Remember to take care of your landscaping as you prepare to list your house. Curb appeal is essential, and knowledgeable realtors can assist you in making sure that you stage not only the inside but also the exterior of your properties. Adding spectacular elements and touches to your lawn to increase its appeal is among the first remarkable steps in any guide to selling your home.

Illustratively, your home’s worth can rise by 2% if you have only one tree in the yard. This means the value will significantly increase to about 9% or more with additional trees in your garden. For instance, if the original cost of your home was $500,000, the additional trees in your garden may increase this cost by approximately $37,000. This has a tremendous positive impact on your home’s value.

Landscaping and exterior improvements can also significantly boost your home’s resale value. The home’s worth can rise to 4% due to landscaping your walls and hedges. Once more, this might result in a $12,000 increase to the $500,000 home value. To guarantee your lawn creates a positive impression on your potential buyers, ensure you take into account the following.

Keep your Lawn Healthy

Pull and trim any weeds present on your lawn. The weeds’ presence in the garden can harm the health of your grass and will also look unpleasant. Potential buyers will think highly of your home’s appearance and value if it has a healthy, weed-free yard. Also, mow the lawn at least once every week to maintain and keep it attractive.

Introduce Some Color

You can improve your yard’s curb appeal by including fresh plants and flowers. Begin by introducing plants that will flourish in the house’s garden, and pick complementary colors for the flowers. Make it appear candid, cheery, and inviting.

Additionally, you can place some potted plants by the front entrance or in a window box for a more appealing exterior. You don’t need much money to make your lawn more attractive. You can achieve this with simple and creative DIY tricks. For the best results, hire a reputable lawn care service.

Consider House Remodeling

House remodeling is yet another prominent feature in a guide to selling your home. Like replacing a roof, remodeling may be expensive since it entails redesigning the home and adding new features. An intelligent way to make your home more livable and tailored to your needs while boosting its appeal to purchasers is to remodel the house. However, you should plan your makeover carefully and concentrate on the areas that will immensely impact purchasers at the lowest possible expense.

Take a tour of your home with your realtor while inspecting all the areas that need improvement for additional value. The initial stages should be decluttering and staging, but some properties require more work. Here are some areas you might want to make changes to.

Paint the Walls

An excellent place to start is a simple coat of paint in a neutral color. Painting doesn’t require a significant time or financial commitment to execute. Consider removing any dark colors or accent walls and adding brighter coats to make the house more inviting to purchasers. To further entice potential buyers, ensure your additional colors complement the interior design of your home.

Renovate the Bathroom

Does your guide to selling your home include bathroom renovation? Bathroom improvements are one of the finest ways to raise resale value because they are frequently high on the lists of prospective buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, renovations have an ROI of 71%. Begin by making minor renovations that will impress potential buyers before listing your house for sale.

You might think about making minor adjustments, like replacing the sink, faucets, and shower head. You can also re-caulk the tubs and change the vanity for a more appealing look. If the floor is in bad shape, consider installing new flooring.

Improve your Homes’ Energy Efficiency

You can enhance your home’s energy efficiency by insulating your home better or replacing inefficient appliances with more modern ones. As a result, you will pay less for your electricity, earn more in taxes, and raise the value of your home.

Hire A Local Realtor

Hiring a local realtor is a fantastic way to streamline the property selling process and get a buyer faster. This explains why it’s top in a guide to selling your home with ease. Besides being invested in the community, local realtors have extensive local knowledge about the area.

A local realtor is well acquainted with the local populace and is knowledgeable about the particular quirks of the area that are impossible to learn about online. They can make the lifestyle and the residence appeal to the buyers. If realtors have dealt with your home in previous sales, they’re probably aware of its features.

Local realtors are also aware of the accessibility to amenities, and thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience, they can professionally respond to any buyer’s queries.

Renovate your Basement Drainage System

Selling a house with a faulty basement drainage system is risky for potential buyers and can lead to legal action. Yes, that’s right. Concealing the inadequate basement drainage system might lead to the buyers filing a lawsuit against you. In addition, a leaky basement drainage system or previous flooding incidents can reduce a home’s value by over 15%. Ensure you take care of all the drainage system concerns before listing your house.

Identifying the alternatives to deal with the complex drainage system is a tip in the guide to selling your house easily. Before looking at pricey basement projects, try redirecting drainage away from the house exterior. You can achieve this by altering the slope of the soil, extending your downspouts, or erecting rain barrels.

Install New Flooring

Though flooring upgrades can be relatively costly, they will ultimately be worthwhile, considering their return on investment. Installing new flooring is one of the leading considerations in a guide to selling your house quickly. Due to the abundance of options available nowadays, you should do extensive research to ensure you install the most incredible choice for your space before making a purchase. Hardwood flooring has the highest resale value. Since it’s always in demand, upgrading your home with hardwood can significantly boost your home’s resale value. According to the National Association of Realtors, hardwood refinishing has an insanely high ROI of up to 147%. Incredible, right? Most house purchasers endear hardwood for its longevity and timeless appeal, making current residents feel comfortable and at home. The woods come in various types, such as hickory, walnut, maple, pine, and oak.

Repair the Air Conditioning

Although many homeowners frequently disregard the need for HVAC house upgrades, you might be shocked to learn that HVAC remodels have a significant return on an income of up to 71%. This can potentially boost the value of your home. It’s not surprising that repairing your AC is a top tip in the guide to selling your home with ease. Homes with a central air conditioning system, especially older properties, might turn off many potential purchasers. Why is this so? Your home’s energy efficiency is reduced if your air conditioner or furnace is outdated.

The value of your property, as a result, decreases if the HVAC doesn’t heat or cool the home properly, if heating and cooling costs are high, or if a malfunctioning HVAC system is harming the air quality in your home.

The primary step to ensuring you sell your home quickly and at a competitive rate is to guarantee that the air conditioning is perfectly functional. Examine your air conditioner before putting your house on the market. Verify the refrigerant is in good condition and that the fan is operating correctly. Additionally, look out for rising energy costs and home heating and cooling sequence changes. This can also point to a problem with your AC.

It’s crucial to take prompt and appropriate action if you notice any changes in your air conditioner. Contact the professionals around you for air conditioning repair.

Selling your home can be simple if you streamline all the details, understand your needs, and follow a guide to selling your home efficiently. Ensure you hire reputable realtors to help with your home sales.

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