A Beginner?s Guide to Home Renovation


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It is common for homeowners to want to customize their home. Over time, there will be changes you will likely want to make. However, it is wise to know what renovations are popular and their respective benefits. One study by Houzz, taken in 2014, found that over half of the homeowners surveyed had renovated their home. In this post, you will learn which remodels are commonly done and the benefits of home remodeling.

What Types of Home Renovations are There?

Almost any room in the home can be renovated. Home builders work in different areas of a home to give the homeowner the room they want. Most home renovations are done in the kitchen and bathroom of a home. One study by Houzz found that 60 percent of homeowners planned on remodeling their bathroom. Home remodeling is certainly something that is extremely popular with homeowners.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is a time where a family has some of their most special moments. In many cases, a homeowner will want the kitchen to be a space with functionality. One of the most common kitchen renovations is the inclusion of a center island. This island adds valuable counter space. In addition, a center island can be built with included cabinets and drawers for even more storage space. Kitchen remodeling is great for adding features and visual appeal to your home.

Renovating a Bathroom

A bathroom renovation can add extra comfort and beauty to this room. Many homeowners want a bathroom renovation to include a new shower or bathtub. If you prefer a bath, there are many luxurious bathtubs to choose from. The people that prefer showering still have plenty of great renovated showers to choose from.

Benefits of Home Renovation

There are many benefits associated with renovating your home. A home renovation is great chance to change the appliances you have. Home builders will be there to help if you can?t figure out proper ideas to get started. Custom home building will be an experience you will likely want to do again, after realizing all of the benefits.

In many cases, the inclusion of energy efficient appliances in your remodel will help you save big on monthly utility bills. These appliances are made to run more efficiently which reduces their power output.

Another benefit of home renovation is increasing the curb appeal of your home. While you might not think about it now, you may want to sell your home in the future. One popular home renovation option for reselling are hardwood floors. Recent research found that 54 percent of potential home buyers would pay more for a house with hardwood flooring.

Having a renovated home can be great for adding more space to your home. Including items in a renovation with shelving and storage space is a great idea. Custom home builders will help to get the maximum amount of space possible in your home.

In closing, there are many types of renovations that can be done within a home. In most cases, bathrooms and kitchens are popular renovation room choices. Homeowners that decide to renovate will enjoy certain benefits. A renovated home can include appliances that reduce your monthly utility bills. When you are ready to sell, a renovated home will likely fetch a higher value. You may also decide to renovate to have more functional space within the home. No matter the reason, homeowners have much to be excited about from choosing to renovate.

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