4 Steps to Donating


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There is probably not a person in the world that doesn’t want to reach out and help families in need and others that need the input of the community. However, sometimes it just seems like it would be to much of a hassle to try and find the time to go through all of our belongings, find things to donate and then figure out which charity to send them to. Then there’s actually getting them to that charity, of course. It can all seem like a huge, overwhelming process. It doesn’t have to be. The whole donating process can be quite simply and stress free. It will have the added benefit of making you feel incredibly useful and apart of something bigger once it’s completed. You may find yourself feeling almost addicted to donating! There’s nothing wrong with this as charities can always use the help and the items that people give. This article is designed to help you organize and thus simplify the process in your mind so you don’t feel like this is just another chore that you have to endure.

  1. Finding the Items
    When your starting out and first considering donating, you don’t need to tear your house apart at the seams in order to find some good items to donate. Clothing donations are always a good idea so have a box set aside in the corner of your room, then when you are getting dressed or putting your laundry away, if you come across an item that you haven’t worn in a long time and don’t necessarily want to keep but it is still in good condition, throw it in the box. Clothes donations are one of the most helpful items that charities need, so even if all you donate is clothes, you are doing a good deed.

  2. Finding the Charity
    If you have a free half an hour, all you have to do is think of an issue that speaks to you and use a search engine to find which charity supports that vision. Whether it’s saving the rain forest, a particular animal, helping third world nations, or another cause all together. There are also websites available that list all different kinds of charities and what their visions are. The internet is a great resource that you should take advantage of when trying to find the right charity. You can also use it to look up reviews and critiques of charities that interest you. Once you have made your decision, you can move on to the process.

  3. Finding the Method
    There are two ways that you can physically donate your items.

    1. The first is taking them to the drop off center yourself. You will need to contact the charity by calling them or going on their website to find the donation center. If they have a store front, keep in mind that not all stores are donation centers. There are specific places designated for that purpose.

    2. The other way is that there are charities that will pick up donations for you. You can call them and schedule an appointment time for the charities that will pick up donations from your home or place of work or wherever you decide. This is a very convenient way to donate, especially if you are a busy person and don’t have time to find and go to the donation center.

  4. Finding the Motivation
    Even if you do find some charities that will pick up donations and you have everything else lined up, it can be hard to get motivated to donate, especially if you never have before. Thoughts like, “does it really make a difference?” Or “who wants all my old stuff?” will creep into your mind and tempt you to just throw everything away without making the effort to contact the charity. Don’t let those things stop you. If it’s helpful, you can find out exactly what the charity does with your belongings after the charities that will pick up donations have come and gone. Even one coat or one pair of shoes can make the difference in someone’s life. You may never fully understand the impact that you have had but you can take comfort in the fact that someone, somewhere has a smile on their face because of what you did for them.

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