4 Health Benefits Of Having A Clean Home


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A clean home is a happy home, no doubt about that. There are several emotional and physical health benefits to having a clean living space, and hiring a custom cleaning service can make sure that you get to reap these great benefits. Whether you are a college student who is waist-deep in finals and projects and simply doesn’t have time to clean, or you have a big family that is always on the go, a custom cleaning service can really help you.

Some of the best health benefits of having a clean home include reducing anxiety, having less exposure to germs and illnesses, and it can actually help reduce allergies. Only about 55 percent of the US population deep cleans their home as often as they should according to the EPA recommendation.

If you’re looking to understand more about why a good deep cleaning can help you and your family live a happier, healthier life, read on!

1. It can help reduce anxiety

Ever feel stressed out over how much “stuff” you have in your house or in your room that is just causing a bunch of clutter? Getting rid of items you don’t need and cleaning spaces in your home can help make sure dust and other allergens don’t also pile up and can keep rodents and other pests away too, like termites and cockroaches. A clean home gives off the feeling of minimalism, which is the idea of very few items and a lot of “negative” or “white” space in a room. This simply means that there is a lot more breathing room in a home, and takes away the feeling of being overwhelmed by so much clutter. This will help you sleep better too!

2. It reduces your chance of germ exposure

Germs are everywhere, and there is no getting around that. However, it has been shown that employees who work in a cleaned office space have a much lower chance of catching a cold or getting the flu. In fact, they have an 80 percent less chance of catching these illnesses! Hiring a maid service can help ensure that your family has a much lower chance of getting exposed to these icky germs. While you might have time to wipe the countertop and other surfaces daily, a custom cleaning service can help make sure your whole home gets deep cleaned, including bed sheets and carpets.

3. It can help reduce allergies

Apartment cleaning can be very difficult when you’re in school and work part time. You have a ton of projects and papers to get done, and two tests at the end of the week. Cleaning services can help make sure that your apartment stays clean and that allergens, like pollen and dust, are cleaned our of your apartment, reducing your chances of allergies. Nothing is worse than itchy, watery, swollen eyes, constant sneezing, and shortness of breath. Be sure to keep your apartment clean to reduce the risk of uncomfortable allergy symptoms.

4. It can actually boost creativity!

That’s right! Do you feel like you have been suffering from writer’s block lately? Feel like your creative freedom has been stifled all of the sudden? You might be able to actually blame it on your dirty, cluttered home! When your home is cluttered, your initial reaction is to feel overwhelmed, and instead of having the breathing room, time, and mental clarity to have creative, artistic thoughts, you are caught thinking about how you can clean your home. When will you have the time? Hiring an experienced maid service can help you out! A custom cleaning service is perfect for the person suffering a creativity block, as the service can ensure your home is deep cleaned and clutter dealt with. Soon you’ll feel relaxed again and all your mental energy can go to thinking up creative ideas!

How does having a clean home make you feel? One survey found that 87 percent of women saw a clean home as a reflection of self. Share your ideas about a clean home and any tips for keeping it clean in the comments!

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