3 Reasons A Private School Education Makes A Difference In Children


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Do you currently send your children to private school? Did you go to private school, as well, as a child? Whether or not you you have children, they are too young for school or you have not decided yet if you plan to send them to private school or public school, it is important to start doing your research and weighing the options of what is best for your children. There are plenty of reasons why sending your kids to private school for their earlier education and for high school can be beneficial to them in the future.

Many parents in the United States understand why private school can be so beneficial to young children. That’s why there are 5.3 million children ages pre-kindergarten through high school who are enrolled in private schools on average.

Not sure what the benefits of private school are or why you should send your children to private high school when they are old enough? Keep reading to find out three reasons what the benefits of private school education are for your children.

1. The size of private schools

Increasingly over the years public schools have grown and grown in number of students attending them. That means public schools have had a difficult time keeping up with the increasing numbers. More money does not magically appear for them to expand the size of the schools or to increase the number of teachers needed. So, more students are squeezed into smaller spaces, and more students are placed with each teacher in a classroom.

Private schools, on the other hand, can control how many students they allow into the school. That means they can keep enrollment steady enough that each child gets the proper attention needed. In fact, in comparison to public schools, they are usually less than half the size. On average, a private school classroom has 12.5 students for a teacher. The rates compare to 15.4 students per teacher when looking at public schools. With 30,861 private schools currently in the United States, there are plenty to select from, too. The majority of these private schools enroll around 300 students to help keep the size small. On average, around 86 percent of private schools keep enrollment below 300 so as to not jeopardize the education the students will receive during their time in private school.

2. Dedication of the teachers

Many parents and students report that the teacher?s dedication and passion in private schools swayed them to enroll their children. Due in part to smaller class sizes, teachers have the ability to control the classroom different in private schools. They can get to know their students and their needs, and they can cater to what each classroom needs each year. In fact, 91 percent of parents claimed that they believed the teachers were extremely dedicated according to a 2007 study by the Fraser Institute.

Additionally, parents report being happier with the standards expected and enforced at private schools. Statistics show that 80 percent of parents are happy with private school standards that their children must meet. When it came to their children?s private school, even more parents reported that they were ?very satisfied? with it overall.

3. Preparation for future education

After attending private high school or any private education throughout their lives, many feel more prepared for their future education in college. When looking at the number of students who applied to college after private school in comparison to after public school, the numbers are astonishing. While 57 percent applied after public high school, 88 percent applied after private high school. This helps explain why private school can be foundational for your children?s education and their desire to pursue higher education along with their ability to succeed once they reach higher education.

Have you decided whether or not you plan to enroll your children in private preschool or private high school? Let us know in the comments your thoughts on a private school education versus a public school education.

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