3 Great Ways for Seniors to Remain Active


The senior citizen population is growing at a rapid rate. Research from American Senior Communities found that there will be about 14.1 million people aged 85 and above living throughout the United States by the year 2040. With that in mind, it’s important for these individuals to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. However, many seniors are unaware of how to achieve this goal while remaining safe. Considering that, here are three important ways for seniors to remain physically active.

  • Volunteering in Their Communities

    Many people stay active by working part or full time jobs. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult for senior citizens to obtain this type of work. Therefore, many senior citizens enjoy becoming volunteers. In fact, research shows that almost 50% of adults aged 65 and older take part in some type of volunteer work. Considering that, there are many volunteer opportunities for seniors to take part in throughout the United States.
  • Owning a Pet

    Another great way to enjoy senior living at an active pace is by owning a pet. Not only do pets keep seniors active, but these animals also provide companionship. Depending on the pet, many animals enjoy spending time walking outside. Therefore, this ensures that seniors remain active and outdoors without exhausting themselves.
  • Taking Part in Water Aerobics

    One of the best ways for someone to stay healthy is by working out. However, it’s unlikely that many seniors will want to lift heavy weights. In addition, certain types of joint and mobility problems can make many cardiovascular exercises difficult. Therefore, many senior citizens enjoy participating in water based aerobics. These types of aerobics are often easier for seniors to perform than other forms of exercise.

In conclusion, there are several important ways for seniors to remain active as they get older. It’s often difficult for family members to take care of senior citizens. If you’re wanting the senior in your life to remain safe while remaining independent, consider placing them in senior living communities. A senior living community provides independent housing, allowing seniors to enjoy a certain amount of freedom. This makes it easier for seniors to take part in many types of activities including dating. In fact, a 2015 Pew Research study found that almost 12% of seniors utilize apps and websites in order to date. Whether dating or entertaining friends, life as a senior is often much more enjoyable in an independent living community.

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