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    An Ancient Art Form That Still Steals The Show Discovering Handmade Quilts For Your Loved One

    Written by Family Video Coupon on January 15, 2020. Posted in Custom tee shirt quilt, Handmade quilts, Memory quilt patterns

    There’s something inherently special about a handcrafted creation.

    Now, that’s not to say there isn’t a time and place for manufactured goods. It’s a feat of the modern age, after all, and being able to churn out a high volume for a low price is very convenient, indeed. When you’re buying something memorable for a loved one, however, going the extra mile is the best way of showing how much you care. This is the commitment that is knitted into handmade quilts, crafting your future memories stitch by stitch. With a new year underway, a great place to start brewing up ideas is by getting back in touch with your homely side.

    Custom quilts are a delicate and lovely investment that will quickly become apart of your loved one’s life.

    Quilting is an ancient art that can trace its roots back many thousands of years. Historians have determined quilts to have existed in ancient Egypt and China — the technique that began it all emphasized three layers of fabr