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    Three Questions That Could Save Your Marriage

    Written by Family Video Coupon on September 30, 2016. Posted in Counseling for parents, Couples counseling exercises, Couples counseling phoenix

    Couples counseling topics

    Are you wondering what couples counseling topics you might encounter if you and your spouse decide to seek marriage advice from a family counselor? When you and your significant other aren’t on the same page in life, marriage counseling — or pre-marriage counseling — might be what it takes to bridge the gap, but the potentially painful couples counseling topics that you might be confronted with may be preventing you from going through with it. While some couples counsel

    Choosing Your Next Apartment Rental

    Written by Family Video Coupon on September 30, 2016. Posted in Apartment in reno, Lakeview apartments reno, Student housing

    High end rental units

    Moving can be a difficult and timely task. A lot goes into moving, in addition to the packing and unpacking of multiple boxes. You must also find your next place of residence. This step alone takes a lot of thought, planning and research. This is especially true if you are moving to a city that you are unfamiliar with or an apartment complex that you do not know anything about. Choosing housing rentals often requires credit checks, down payments and shopping around. With so many apartment complex options, how do you choose which apartment living situation is right for you?

    Choose a general location. It is always helpful to narrow down the counties or cities that you would like to live in. This can help to drastically reduce the amount of apartment complexes to look into. If you have an idea of a ci

    How to Avoid Roofing and Siding Nightmares

    Written by Family Video Coupon on September 27, 2016. Posted in Commercial contractors, Door replacement wheaton, Patio door replacement

    Home siding colors

    Hiring a contractor to do roofing or siding installation on your building can be a big to-do, and can pose more problems than internal remodeling may. Here are some questions you may want to ask your contractor before the remodeling services begin:

    How long will the project take?

    A contractor should be able to estimate the timeline they need to complete the project.They should be able to give you a start and tentative end date. As long as the weather is cooperative and there are no surprises regarding the building’s construction. Do not be afraid to ask the contractor is they are doing any other siding installations or renovations during the same timeframe. If this is the case and they have a lot going on, th

    Ford Launches Program to Employ Autistic Adults on Product Development Team

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    Did you know that wholly 35% of autistic young adults have never received a job or had any postgraduate education after high school? Considering that there are more than 3.5 million people living in the U.S. with an autism spectrum disorder, that’s a staggering 1.225 million people. However, Ford, a major player in Michigan’s economy, recently launched a new program that will employ autistic adults.

    FordInclusiveWorks, Ford’s new program developed with the Autism Alliance of Michigan, creates five new jobs for autistic adults. The positions are all in product development, and the jobs are specifically tailored to the skills and capabilities of autistic workers.

    Ford released their Continue Reading | No Comments

    3 Great Ways to Organize Your Bookshelves

    Written by Family Video Coupon on September 14, 2016. Posted in Kitchen storage racks, Shoe organizers, Tool racks

    Portable kitchen rack

    When it comes to an office or an at home study, there is one very essential piece of storage: bookshelves. After all, all of your inspirational and referential texts have to have a place to live, and they also serve as a great place to exhibit things like diplomas, certificates, pictures, and sentimental do-dads. The contents of your bookcase will be what tells your visitors and clients about you and your interests.

    There are many ways to go about organizing your bookcase, but one of the first critical steps is to sort through the items that are currently occupying your shelves and get rid of what you no longer need, want, or want to display. Instead of cramming your shelves, you shou

    Master-Planned Communities Offer New Homes for Sale

    Written by Family Video Coupon on September 13, 2016. Posted in New homes for sale, Single family homes, Taylor morrison homes floor plans

    New homes for sale

    Ladies and gentleman, now is the time to consider that big move. There are new homes for sale, and trust me when I say this couldn’t be a better time. If you are wondering what to look for in a new home, I have got three examples right here showing you what you are looking for. Here are three reasons why homes with master-planned communities are the right choice for you and your family.

    1. Self-Sustaining Communities
    2. These locations are homes to many families and people. If you are looking not just a home but a community, then a master-planned community is the right place for you. These homes create a network of fa

    Retirement Homes Why They Might Be Best For Your Parent

    Written by Family Video Coupon on September 12, 2016. Posted in Retirement home, Retirement homes in virginia, Senior living communities in virginia

    Senior living communities in virginia

    One of the most difficult decisions you’ll make in your life is whether or not to consider a retirement home for your parent. There are several issues involved in such situations that make people feel conflicted. For one, it can be difficult to accept that your parent, the person who once cared for you, now needs someone else to tend to their own needs. For another, you may feel as if you owe your parent, and therefore should tend to them on your own. This is understandable; but there are many reasons why a person might not be able to care for their parent in their old age, and therefore just as many reason why retirement homes might be the best options in such situations. Some also don’t feel comfortable with the idea of retirement homes. Many of us don’t know what modern retirement

    Hospice Care Makes the Comfort of a Patient a Priority

    Written by Family Video Coupon on September 7, 2016. Posted in Alzheimer?s care, Home health care seattle, In home care bellevue

    Hospice seattle

    You are finally making good on the promise you made to yourself 19 years ago. At the end of a difficult battle with cancer, your mother moved into a hospice care facility. After experiencing this type of care and the attention of some wonderful volunteers, you vowed that someday you would go back to the hospice care facility and volunteer your time.
    Nearly 20 years ago, you and your sister had promised you would try to keep her at home, but the physical demands of that promise became too great. So, following the advice of a nurse who had known your mother for quite some time you contacted hospice services.
    Initially, they two served your mother at home, but during the last 10 days of her life it became necessary to move her onto the floor of a hospice care facility. It was a difficult decision, but it

    The Role of Family and Group Therapy in Treating Depression

    Written by Family Video Coupon on September 3, 2016. Posted in Counseling, Individual counseling, Psychotherapy

    Counseling services

    There are 350 million people around the world who are affected by depression. In the U.S., nearly 7% of the adult population has had at least one major depressive episode. And yet half of all those individuals will never seek therapy services.

    Depression, like many other mood disorders, can wreak havoc on an individual’s life and relationships. Stigmas associated with mental illness often prevent sufferers from getting the help they need. As a friend or family member of a depressed individual, it may fall to you to help encourage your loved one to get the help they deserve.

    One of the most important things friends and families can do is encourage your loved one to seek counseling, be it on an individual