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    Adjustable bed —- [YOUTUBE VIDEO]

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    St george real estate —- [YOUTUBE VIDEO]

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    Keeping Kids Healthy and Attentive Starts With the Right Bed

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    Kids bunk beds stairs

    Did you know that a typical American home has only 5.3 rooms total? Start adding kids into the mix, and things can get a little cramped. Bunk beds can help sort out clutter, and up to 80% of kids actually prefer them to regular, single beds. What are the advantages of choosing bunks over traditional beds?


    Let’s start with the obvious. Sharing a room can cause tension between siblings, but you can ease that tension by giving them as much space as possible. Bunk beds free up floor space, giving kids more run to play, or store their things. Parents have options, too. Choices are hardly limited to twin bunk beds. Parents can also choose twin over full bunk beds, or bunk beds with a twin size mattress raised above a full sized one. Furniture stores also offer triple loft beds, allowi

    How Coupons Can Help You Keep Movie Night Alive and Well

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    Family video coupon codes

    The National Association of Theater Owners reports that in 2012, the average movie ticket in the United States cost about $7.96. Depending on where you live that price could be closer to somewhere between $10 or $15. If you are looking to save money, still have some quality family time, and also enjoy the movies, then the trick lies in coupons and codes. The next time that your family gets itching to go to the movies, look for a Family Video printable coupon and bring movie night into your living room.

    • Rent the latest releases.
    • Look online for Family Video printable coupons, and head out to the rental store. Half the fun is in trying to have everyone decide on only one or two choices! You can complete the movie night experience by finding a family video coupon code for popcorn. Want to