Water Makes Up Who You Are

    Written by Family Video Coupon on April 14, 2016. Posted in Chlorine removal chandler, Reverse osmosis chandler, Water softener arizona

    Chlorine removal chandler

    Water makes up the vast amount of who we are. We often take it for granted and drink anything else but water. We wonder why our health suffers and what we can do to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. When we consider what we are made of, we find that water is two-thirds of who we are. Water influences 100% of our body’s processes. To put it plainly, we cannot live without water. But while we may be fortunate in the United States to have what would seem to be plenty of water, we must consider if the water we have is healthy enough to keep us alive.

    It is estimated that 85% of American households have what is know as hard water. Hard water is measured in grains per gallon as calcium carbonate.Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. It forms when water percolates through min