Time to Get Educated About Moving, New Grads

    Written by Family Video Coupon on September 18, 2018. Posted in Moving companies in san diego, Residential moving service, San diego commercial moving services

    San Diego college students aren’t new to the stress of moving. The vast majority of them live outside of their parents’ homes, either in on-campus or off-campus housing. Between holidays at their childhood homes and vacating dorms for the summer, students are often moving their wardrobes and other personal effects multiple times a year. But what about when they have to leave the dorm for good? While some retreat back to mom and dad’s house for a while, many others are moving into their own rented apartments as they join the workforce. How do new grads ensure that they’re making smart decisions while moving into their new apartments? Moving help is important to keep things low-stress, so here are some tips that new grads may find useful as they get ready to once again move everything they own.

    Pare Down All the Junk

    Do you really need all the free t-shirts from college events? Or the ugly chair you bought sophomore year for your desk? You don’t have to do a total combin