Find the Best City Apartment for Your Living Situation

    Written by Family Video Coupon

    on March 20, 2014. Posted in Center city philadelphia apartments, Philadelphia apartment buildings, Philadelphia apartments

    Loft apartments for rent

    With the uncertainty of the housing market, it may make more sense to rent vs. own. After all, during the initial five-year period of owning a home, the owner’s money is essentially just being given over to the bank. By the time that period of time is over, almost 33% of homeowners end up selling before they start to accumulate substantial equity in their homes.

    And because owning a home does not even currently see the kind of return-on-investment that stocks do, living in a loft through a rental agreement may make sense because of a lack of risk and a typical monthly savings of $560.

    With that in mind, it may be that you are more suited for city living, and in particular loft ap