Three of the Coolest Pirate Decorations Your House Needs

    Written by Family Video Coupon on February 4, 2015. Posted in Nautical home decorations, Navy diving helmet, Wall mounted bell

    Wall mounted bell

    Pirates are cool. Scurvy dogs of the sea, they took no nonsense from anyone, did what they wanted, and fought for glory. If you’d like to be as cool as they were, consider decking your home out with awesome pirate decor. Here are just a few of the gnarliest nautical home decorations you can get to make your castle as cool as the captain’s cabin.

    Pirate Flags.

    One of the most obvious pieces of pirate decor you should get is a pirate flag, but what’s not as obvious is which one. Though many people believe that pirates sailed under the Jolly Roger — the standard skull above two crossed bones — many pirates had their own black flags. While such devilish rogues as “Black Sam” Bellamy, Edward England, and John Taylor each flew the Jolly Roger, Blackbeard, Long Ben, Black Bart, Calico