Donating and Recycling Clothing Helps Other and the Environment

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    The van is packed. Not even half full, but packed. As your husband prepares to leave for Louisiana first thing tomorrow morning, large stacks of empty storage tubs and lids have been placed in the van. He is driving 12 hours south to help your daughter move out of her dorm after the completion of her first year in college. She and a group of her friends have gone together to rent a storage unit for larger items like refrigerators, microwaves, futons, and shelving units, but most of your daughter’s other belongings will be making the trip back home with her.
    You have encouraged both your daughter and your husband to just pack things up quickly so that you can get out of the dorm and into the house they have rented for the weekend. A few of her items will just go in the Louisiana storage unit and

    What Is You Favorite Place to Donate Used Clothing?

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    The two teenage daughters were so excited about the gifts that they had purchased for their dad. Three new shirts from his favorite clothing store were the first gifts they had ever bought themselves. For his part, their Dad loved the shirts and was thrilled that they spent their own money. The girls were beaming. The sisters loved watching their Dad open his gifts, nearly as much as they enjoyed opening their own.
    How many new clothing items did your family receive for Christmas this year? How many new shirts, shoes, socks, and sweatshirts were given to you, your husband, and your two daughters? Once you have done all of the unpacking of the gifts, what’s next? Do you simply shove these new items into your already crowded closets and drawers, or do you thoughtfully address your current inventory of cl