5 Tips to Help Your Newborn Sleep

    Written by Family Video Coupon on June 22, 2016. Posted in Fussy eaters toddlers, Healthy food for picky toddlers, Newborn sleep patterns

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    For many new parents, the phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’ is quite the oxymoron. The fact is for the first week newborn babies sleep well, but after each parent has to come up with a plan to develop a newborn sleeping schedule. Here are some newborn sleep tips that will help your entire house sleep like a baby.

    1. Keep them awake for a short amount of time

    You should not keep your baby up for long. Newborn babies sleep better when they sleep more often, meaning every one to two hours you should be soothing your child to a nap. In the beginning of their life it is hard for them to stay awake for long peri