Finding the Best Sleep Solution for your Unique Body

    Written by Family Video Coupon on July 14, 2014. Posted in Beds and mattresses, Formal dining room set, Home goods furniture

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    Having trouble sleeping?

    About 40 million Americans are currently struggling with sleep disorders, and 62% of Americans have trouble sleeping at least 2-3 nights a week. A poor night of sleep can cause drowsiness throughout the day, poor overall health, stress, and even physical pain.

    The right mattress solution can help you get a higher quality of sleep and improve your comfort throughout the day. Home furniture stores often carry great beds and mattresses to help you get the full night’s rest you deserve, so ask about these options the next time you visit:

      Tempurpedic Foam

      Tempurpedic mattresses were first introduced to the market by a Swiss technical foam firm in 1991. Tempurpedic foam conforms to your body shape, reducing impact and stress on your back, kne

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