Enhance Your Mobility With a Collection of Functional, Stylish Canes

    Written by Family Video Coupon on November 5, 2017. Posted in Cane for walking, Extra tall canes

    Blackthorn walking stick

    In order to assist them with being more mobile, roughly 6.8 million people in the United States use some type of assistive device. In addition to canes, many Americans use other types of mobility devices, such as walkers or scooters. Canes, however, are actually the most popular and widely used mobility device within the United States.

    Adults of all ages may use a cane to provide them with greater mobility. While 10.2% of adults aged 65 and older use a cane, slightly below 40% of those who are 85 and older use a cane or another type of mobility device.

    Since one in four older adults sustains a fall at least once every year, using a cane may be able to prevent many of these falls. Even though more than half of these falls occur in the familiar surroundings of home, it may still be a good ide