Support Our Troops Without Leaving Home

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    Even children are taking time out of their day to support our troops. Parents and teachers alike are encouraging young kids to write heartfelt — and often accidentally hilarious — letters to active military members and veterans. “Thanks for protecting our country. [You] must be very brave joining the military. They say a man looks handsome in uniform. My favorite food is chicken wings, and I like to hang out with my friends,” one letter, written by a young girl, begins.

    Believe it or not, parents — and other adults — can learn from kids’ letters. The letters teach adults an invaluable lesson: giving back to our troops and helping military families does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. Here are some simple ways you can help:

    Don’t Wait For People To Ask


    3 Reasons to Donate Your Clothes to Charity

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    Clothing donations pick up

    The typical American household discards an estimated 68 pounds of clothing each year. In fact, fabrics like cotton, polyester, nylon and rayon make up an estimated 5% of all trash found in landfills. Are you considering donating your clothes? Below are some reasons why you should choose to do so.

    Help Yourself – What’s better than an organized closet? Several organizations that pick up donations would be willing to accept gently used clothing. Much of this clothing goes to help people in need, including the homeless, as well as support for military families and veterans

    . In the United States, the unemployment rate among veterans stood at 9.9% during 201