Create Bedtime Rituals to End Toddler Tantrums

    Written by Family Video Coupon on November 12, 2016. Posted in Dealing with the terrible twos, Newborn sleep patterns, Newborn sleeping patterns

    Toddler picky eater

    Are you currently dealing with the terrible twos? Guess what? So is your toddler.

    While your toddler may still be happy and easy to be around most of the time, they are going through a period of rapid growth, which includes developing language and social skills. So, if you’re exploring ways for how to stop toddler tantrums, pay attention to when and where they occur.

    If your toddler is throwing screaming tantrums, becoming a picky eater, or throwing their stuffed animals and other toys around, you’re probably looking for creative solutions to maintain your calm, and yes, your sanity, too.

    First of all, remember that you’re not alone when dealing with toddler tantrums. Many two-year-olds engage in all sorts of supposedly uncharacteristic behavior.

    Even though your friends’ toddlers may