4 Tips for an Amazing Camping Adventure

    Written by Family Video Coupon on March 28, 2016. Posted in Cabin camping in md, Cabin camping in pei, Cabin camping in prince edward island

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    Did you know that some 40 million Americans — or 14% of the total population — will go camping every year? It?s no surprise that camping is a popular activity across the U.S. It represents an opportunity to get back in touch with nature, spend time with family and friends, and relax rather than rush from tourist spot to tourist spot in an overcrowded city.

    If you plan on going camping this year, what should you keep in mind? Here are four great tips for your next outdoor adventure whether you’re in a tent, or getting family cabin rentals.

    1. Containers for Everything

    Part of the fun of camping is ?making do? and finding unique solutions to obtaining things you?d normally take for granted. Don?t go camping without the spices you need to ?un bland? your food — store that s

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