5 Tips to Help Your Newborn Sleep

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    For many new parents, the phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’ is quite the oxymoron. The fact is for the first week newborn babies sleep well, but after each parent has to come up with a plan to develop a newborn sleeping schedule. Here are some newborn sleep tips that will help your entire house sleep like a baby.

    1. Keep them awake for a short amount of time

    You should not keep your baby up for long. Newborn babies sleep better when they sleep more often, meaning every one to two hours you should be soothing your child to a nap. In the beginning of their life it is hard for them to stay awake for long periods of time, so make sure you try to put them to bed before they get cranky and fussy.

    2. Swaddle

    To help mimic the coziness of the womb, make sure to swaddle your child whenever they go to sleep. This will help them feel safe and protected, and will help them from becoming startled in the middle of the night.

    3. Help differentiate between day and night

    Even though you may be tempted to keep things dark while your baby naps during the day, it is important to have some light in the room so they can determine the difference between night and day. Confusion over day and night can last for up to six weeks, so keep your days bright and nights dark to soothe them into good newborn sleep patterns.

    4. Develop a nap schedule around feeding times

    It is a good idea to feed your child, let them be for a half an hour or so, then soothe them to sleep. This will help them recognize that eating food will mean nap time. Plus, a full stomach helps a child sleep sounder.

    5. White noise

    Your child was soothed to sleep by the noises of your womb. Adding white noise will help them fall asleep faster, as they will already be used to noises when sleeping. You can buy a white noise machine, use a fan, or even use white noise apps on your smartphone to help them sleep.

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