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    How To Make The Most Of Your Red Cross Donations

    Written by Family Video Coupon on July 6, 2019. Posted in Clothing donations, Donate clothes to red cross

    Since it was founded in 1881, the American Red Cross has always been one of America’s foremost relief organizations, offering help and supplies to those in times of great need.

    The Red Cross has done a lot of good work over the years and its mission of relief continues all day, every day. All day, every day Red Cross provides relief for communities by providing shelter, food, water, blankets and other essentials to those in need of a helping hand. The Red Cross is the 13th largest charity in the United States as ranked by private donations.

    Everywhere you turn, there are always people going through hard times and organizations like the Red Cross provide them the things they need to continue through life. In 2018 alone, the Red Cross was estimated to have more than nine million relief items, served more than 20 million in meals and snacks and provided more than a million in overnight shelter stays.

    Though the Red Cross receives a lot of monetary donations, leaving do