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    Time to Get Educated About Moving, New Grads

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    San Diego college students aren’t new to the stress of moving. The vast majority of them live outside of their parents’ homes, either in on-campus or off-campus housing. Between holidays at their childhood homes and vacating dorms for the summer, students are often moving their wardrobes and other personal effects multiple times a year. But what about when they have to leave the dorm for good? While some retreat back to mom and dad’s house for a while, many others are moving into their own rented apartments as they join the workforce. How do new grads ensure that they’re making smart decisions while moving into their new apartments? Moving help is important to keep things low-stress, so here are some tips that new grads may find useful as they get ready to once again move everything they own.

    Pare Down All the Junk

    Do you really need all the free t-shirts from college events? Or the ugly chair you bought sophomore year for your desk? You don’t have to do a total combin

    Why You Should Consider Custom Dog Kennels

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    All dogs, from your neighbor’s bulldog to that tiny poodle with the rhinestone collar down the street, are descendants of wolves. And that’s why every dog has a primal urge to be outside. Dogs want to breathe fresh air, smell the grass and enjoy the wild…even if “the wild” is a suburban neighborhood. This is why a dog kennel is truly an essential piece of outdoor furniture.

    Call of the Wild

    Dogs have an instinct to go outside, but it’s part of a pet owner’s instinct to keep their animals safe. You want your pup to play and be happy and healthy, but you always want to keep your four-legged best buddy safe from the dangers out there in the wild world. Small dogs in rural areas are in danger of being harmed by other wildlife, and dogs of all sizes may escape their property and get lost. There are all sorts of dangers out there, but there’s one good way to keep Fido safe: a dog kennel.

    What You Never Knew About Dog Kennels

    It is possible to buy a dog ke

    A Guide to Investment Property

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    For some people, the real estate is just one big industry that melts together. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth as the real estate industry is filled with so many different facts, types of properties, and loans as well. Therefore, it is important that anyone thinking about getting involved with an investment property understands what may come ahead. So here is a guide to the differences between an investment property and a home used as a residential property.

    Thanks to the programming of HGTV, there are more house flippers than ever before. While there are the famous house flippers that people are used to seeing on television, there are plenty of more people like this. As a matter of fact, there are entrepreneurs getting involved with house flipping more than in recent history. However, these people need to make sure they know just what type of situation that they are involved with when investing in an investment property.

    How someone uses their investment p

    Seven Tips for a Better Storage Unit

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    As the self storage facility craze prompts the building of more self storage space all around the country, lots of people are using self storage units for storing a vehicle or for personal item storage. It’s a great idea, but how can you make the most of the space?

    Take Apart Larger Items

    As you work to organize your personal item storage, you’ll find it’s a lot easier when you disassemble the bigger items like shelves, beds, or tables. Not only will it fit more neatly into your space, but they’re also a lot less likely to break in storage as you shift items in and out.

    Label Everything

    Don’t assume that you’ll remember what’s in that box. A year after you organized your personal item storage you won’t remember. Instead, you’ll find yourself opening a half-dozen boxes, getting more and more frustrated with each wrong one. You might end up so frustrated that you won’t put it all back properl