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    How Rustic Furniture Can Spice Up Your Home

    Written by Family Video Coupon on June 5, 2018. Posted in Barnwood beds, Bookcase, Log armoire

    If there’s one thing Americans love to do, it’s decorating their houses. From giving the walls a new coat of paint to color coordinating a room to finding the next great art piece to hang on the wall, Americans aren’t shy about redecorating their homes.

    On average, US consumers are willing to spend more than $2,000 for living room decoration. Boomers are likely to spend the most on redecoration with a budget of $3,000, followed by budgets of $2,500 for Generation X and $1,500 for millennials.

    One of the biggest areas of growth when it comes to redecoration is furniture. By 2019, the global market for furniture and floor coverings is projected to reach $695 billion. Additionally, the furniture industry’s growth is consistently performing twice as well as the overall economy, growing at a rate of six or seven percent every year. Between 2012-14, millennials have exhibited an increase in furniture buying patterns by 142 percent, increasing the revenue in the industry from $11.1