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    Why a Red Cross Clothing Donation Might Be the Right Way to Give For You

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    Used clothing donations

    Did you know that the Red Cross does far more than just blood drives and providing medical aid? The Red Cross also donates blankets, foods, and household goods to people in need and often provides shelter as well. They provide relief every day of the year, 24/7 and are a non-profit, tax exempt charitable organization. And like every charity organization, they rely on the goodwill and generosity of the public. And although the United States received almost $700 million in private donations in 2014, that money has to stretch far to care for those in need. For example, did you know that as of January 2015, almost 575,000 individuals were homeless in the United States on any given night?
    Around 70% of people give to charities every year? Yet only around 3% of income is given to charities. Imagine if

    Visiting Nursing Home Residents Regularly Can Help Alleviate Depression and Keep Bonds Strong

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    Retirement communities

    Making the decision to explore retirement living options does not have to be stressful. There are different types of retirement homes, and finding the right fit for a family member can begin with an exploratory search online. For the most part, long-term skilled nursing care facilities can be a good fit if a loved one struggles with dementia or other illness that affects their ability to live alone.

    One of the most positive aspects of finding reputable retirement communities that provide nursing care is knowing that family members are receiving care at all times of day. Skilled nursing staff keep track of residents who are at risk for falling or wandering, and take the required safe