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    Ways You Can Help Military Families

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    Many people want to help military families but do not know how. Sure, cash is always needed but all non profit organizations and charities but not everyone is in a position to donate money. Luckily, there are a lot of other ways to help others that are easy to do. There are a number of ways to help military families without breaking the bank.

    Things You Can Do that Are Great for Helping Military Families:

    1. Donate clothing. Americans throw away at least 10.5 million tons of fabric a year. That amounts to nearly 70 pounds of clothing per person. All of this currently ends up in landfills around the country where it helps no one. Making charitable clothing donations is a great way to start helping military families. Some organizing experts suggest people go through their closets at least twice a year. If you have not worn a garment for two seasons, get rid of it. Just because you no longer can wear something does not mean that someone else can. This is especially true for kids clothing. When you kids grow out of clothing, give it to a charity.
    2. Donate household items. This can be a great thing to do with duplicate items you have. For example, when you move in with your significant other, you may find that you both have a lot of the same things. How many coffee makers do you need? This way you are helping military families and cleaning your home of useless (to you) clutter. It really is a win-win.
    3. Donate non perishable foods. Do you ever stock up on items because the grocery store is having a “two for one sale” and then find you have 15 cans of cream of chicken soup? Go through your pantry and see if you have items that are still good but are collecting dust. You can donate this to charities who will give them to families in need. Food insecurity is a problem for far too many people in the United States. Donating these items does a lot towards helping military families.
    4. Donate your skills. Are you really good at something? Maybe you are an accountant. Offer to do their taxes. Are you a good writer? Offer to help the charity with its newsletter or write up a press release. If you have a skill, they will have a way to use it. You would be surprised at how much they will appreciate any help you can offer.
    5. Give your time. Many charities just need basic help. They may need help accepting donations, stocking a warehouse or answering the phone. Call local soup kitchens and food pantries. If you have any time you can donate, local charities will find a way you can help out. Start by calling local organizations that deal with issues that interest you.
    6. Promote the charity’s work on social media. Nearly 70% of social media users say that they are moved to act by friends’ posts asking to help charity organizations. After you spend time at an organization, post a message about it on Facebook. Tweet about the experience. Post photos to Instagram. All of these are great ways of helping military families and others in your community.

    Remember, all donations for non profit organizations, any donations (it can be food, clothing or other household item) are tax deductible. If you give anything that is worth more than $250, make sure you get a receipt to attach to your tax return. If you cannot make it to the charity, there are other ways to donate. You can arrange a charity clothing pick up from your home or office.

    Giving anything to others is a great way to help the environment. Any items you donate will go towards helping military families and others who need help and not end up in a landfill. It is also a great way to make yourself feel good. There are few things you can do that leave you with a more positive feeling about yourself and the world than when you donate to local charities. You do a world of good for your community, your karma and for other people who need your help. bolsos michael kors outlet bolsos michael kors outlet

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    What?s Going on Under Church Steeples

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    Church steeples have been a staple around the world for thousands of years. In fact, they began to appear after the third century. That is because for the first three hundred years, the practice of Christianity was illegal and people were forced to worship in secret in either their home or the home of a neighbor or friend. However, once houses of worship could be built, they were built with church steeples and had a cruciform ground plan.

    While church steeples have been a mainstay for quite some time, church pews have not. For more than 1,000 years, people attending worship services stood and walked around while praying. The first pews were introduced during the 13 th century and were removable stone benches

    Love at First Sight Using Online Dating Websites

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    Safest dating sites

    There are a lot of single people out there, 54.25 million in this country alone. The goal of the online dating site for singles is to help those single people find their perfect mate. Online dating is a relatively new option for single people to meet. Prior to the creation of dating websites, single people had to rely on relatives and friends to introduce them to someone, date someone from work or go out to bars looking for dates. The online dating site for singles has changed all that.

    Single people like having the option of using online dating websites. When singles dating sites first began, single people were embarrassed to admit they used the sites or went on dates with someone they met through an online dating site for singles. Now 42% of Americans know someone who is or has been an online dater

    Why Making Disabled Veterans Donations is A lot Easier Than You May Have Ever Imagined

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    Purple heart clothing donations

    There are a lot of noble causes that one can choose to donate to. From supporting those who are survivors and victims of domestic abuse to protecting and raise awareness about animal rights, there are a variety of ways you can show your solidarity and align with those who want to make the world a better place.

    However in light of the recent string of terrorists attacks committed by extremist Muslim groups — or according to conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati or New World Order (NWO) — a renewed sense of patriotism has swept the United States and has inspired a growing number of Americans to make charitable donations — especially disabled veterans donations — to a variety of wounded veteran charities.

    You might be one of many, many good hearted Americans who are eager to stand i