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    Three Warning Signs You Might Be in Dire Need of a New Mattress

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    Adjustable bed frames

    It’s estimated that 62% of all Americans suffer from persistent sleep problems at least one night per week. And those can add up to even more severe issues that don’t resolve easily, causing bad patterns that spiral into severe sleep deprivation and inhibited performance at work and in other facets of daily life. In fact, the average American gets under seven hours of sleep every single night.

    Of course, that’s fine for some folks. But others need their beauty rest and can’t sacrifice it at any costs. You could blame your nighttime troubles on plenty of things — job-related stress, too much caffeine during the day, smartphone addiction — but sometimes the most menacing culprit is right under your nose. Or should we say under your back.

    There are very simple ways to get better sleep at night, and simp

    Trying to Find a Rental Property? These Four Tips Are for You

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    North carolina living costs

    Whereas before buying a home was the norm, recent fluctuations in the housing market and the overall decrease in costs of renting one bedroom and two bedroom apartments has turned the American housing market into a renter’s paradise. According to statistics from the United States Automobile Association, nearly 40% of American households are made up of renters.

    Of course, this trend toward Americans looking for apartments means that there are fewer and fewer quality options available. In fact, only an estimated 8.2% of American rental properties are vacant. If you’re struggling